About Ayurveda

Ayurveda, serves as preventive and curative aspects since thousands of years, is in its robust season across the world, sans all barriers of colour, creed, and climatic conditions. Most of the developed countries also accepted this ancient science as an alternative to the modern medicines. For eg; USA, Europe, Russia, Australia, Middle east and Mediterranean countries.

Lag phase for Ayurveda medicine is now rapidly changing for a number of reasons. Problems with drug-resistant microorganisms, side effects of modern drugs, and emerging diseases where no medicines are available, have stimulated renewed interest in herbs as a significant source of new medicines. Pharmaceutical scientists are experiencing difficulty in identifying new lead structures, templates and scaffolds in the finite world of chemical diversity. A number of synthetic drugs have adverse and unacceptable side effects. There have been impressive successes with Ayurveda medicines through years of clinical experience and advanced research. Current estimates indicate that about 80% of people in developing countries still rely on traditional medicine based largely on various species of plants and animals– for their primary healthcare.

Fourty percentage of Americans used alternative medicine therapies in ; total visits to alternative medicine practitioners increased by almost 50% from 1990 and exceeded the visits to all US primary care physicians. Thirty per cent of the worldwide sales of drugs is based on natural products.

Ayurveda explains about four pillars of successful treatment (chathushpatha), drug occupied important second position. Drug is the tool of Physician. Scientifically and quality assured formulation, only useful in diseased conditions. According to Ayurveda, there is no material in universe which cannot be used as medicine. But it should be in appropriate manner and proper combination.

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